About the Authors

George & Christine Gomez


George and Christine Gomez are the writing team that bring us Saving the King, a drama-fantasy about Elvis Presley and what might have been if a wealthy fan had stepped in to save him before it was too late. The story was conceived by George when he first heard of the King’s death in 1977 but really took life over the last few years as he and his wife Christine began to collaborate, breathing life into the story. They have created a very endearing story about Elvis Presley that will mesmerize the reader and bring the King back to all his glory. The couple each have two children from previous marriages. George’s two children, Lane and Atalie have each blessed him with grandchildren. Christine considers herself blessed to count her two daughters, Alicia and Teresa, among her closest friends. George is a Cuban-Dominican and was raised in Nashville since the age of 3. He works as a registered nurse in the psychiatric field. He is an avid golfer and a movie trivia buff. Christine is a California native and works as a software developer for one of the nation’s premier national laboratories. Together, they have created a truly heartwarming story that will leave Elvis fans everywhere wishing for more.